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The benefits of coaching are dramatic, as the following illustrates:

  • A Public Personnel Management article revealed a study illustrating training alone increased productivity by 2.4% while training plus coaching increased productivity 88% (Winter 97, Vol. 26 Issue 4, p. 461).

  • Specific training ROI standards expect a rate of 143-200% (Fast Track Training).  Franklin Covey Coaching 7 Habits coaching ROI is 352% (Jack Phillips Research Study 2002).

At Motivation Coaching, Inc., our pyramid of success is based upon the foundation of effective communication needed to achieve success.  From this success comes attainment of goals.  With goal satisfaction comes self actualization and personal fulfillment.






“Setting goals is the first step toward achieving your dreams.  The application phase of knowledge is where goal attainment becomes a reality.  Realizing individual potential is our destiny.”

—Freddie Ray



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