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At Motivation Coaching, Inc., we believe learning is an ongoing process.  Development and growth require an investment of time and resources.  With that in mind, we offer eleven categories of career enhancement courses.

Designed as interactive sessions, each one hour class includes specific skills used to develop and hone personal effectiveness.  For experienced business people and novices alike, these courses invite personal assessment, demonstrate applied skills, and utilize specific examples to establish concepts needed for learning.  Attendees receive course summaries and suggested references list after each class.

Coaching sessions are available and encouraged following these courses to move from the information phase to application of knowledge.  Each attendee has the option of a free 30 minute “Introduction to Coaching” session to determine the value of continued learning in the area of concentration. To receive the free session, students  must contact us via email for scheduling.

Each class is one hour in length.  Once registered, students will receive a toll-free number to call at class time, along with information regarding participation during the class hour.  Space is limited, so early reservations are recommended.  Group rates are available upon request.





Refund Policy

If for any reason a student cannot attend a class they are registered for, that student may request an exchange to the next regularly scheduled session of the same course.

Requests for exchanges must be made in writing via email to:


or in writing to our physical address:

3302 Sam Allen Oaks Circle
Plant City, FL  33565

Refunds are not available for missed classes.



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