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Active coaching is a commitment to concentrating on client strengths and the desire to grow and develop skills needed to achieve specified goals.  The following highlights the differences between coaching and other available services and industries.

  • While coaching focuses purely on the client’s agenda, training follows a fixed agenda to convey specific ideas or methods.  Training is offered upon request and through our teleclasses program.

  • Through questions and discovery in the coaching process, we will identify client goals and focus on collective wisdom so that clients may achieve them.  In contrast, consulting concentrates on providing answers by assessing problems and recommending a specific course of action.

  • Coaching will foster client strengths and achievements to bring about growth and development, and is not designed to repair or diagnose deficits that counseling would address.  Referrals to specialists are made in such cases.

  • The coaching approach offered supports client wisdom in all areas of growth, while mentoring is usually career focused and concentrated on creating future behaviors based on the wisdom of someone other than the client.

Adhering to the philosophy of the coaching model will allow us to maintain the integrity of the coaching relationship, and provide focus on your primary agenda.





“An effective coach actively listens, thoughtfully asks questions, encourages teamwork, and identifies motivation to reach goals; a resource who becomes a catalyst to affect positive change in behavior, as defined by the client’s expectations of success.”

—Freddie Ray




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