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This month, our focus is on effective networking.  Networking is a skill honed by practice, and recognized as the best lead generating activity for business people.

To develop skills, each of us must make networking opportunities business appointments.  With priority on meeting new people, we can develop a plan of action that will enable us to expand our databases and create new business opportunities.

In order to make the most of our networking opportunities, we must identify the market for our product or service, and then find our customers.

  • Where are your customers?

  • What activities are they participating in?

  • What can you do to become a participating part of these activities or events?

  • How can you help your customers and their businesses grow?

Once you have identified the networking opportunities you want to participate in, put them in your calendar and go!  Remember, follow the rules of business etiquette and be a responsible partner in networking.  Be attentive to those you meet, rather than trying to be the first person to collect all the cards in the room!






“Have you ever met someone who seemed to know everybody?  You too can be respected and appreciated in the business community, but you must commit to your own success.  Get out there—meet people and form strategic partnerships.  Your level of success is up to you.”

—Freddie Ray

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