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“Coaching is now often a prerequisite to promotion, an intense leadership training course for talented people who need assistance smoothing a few rough edges.”

“Companies are Hiring Coaches,” Boston Globe,   November 2000


People who work with a coach are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, experiment with new behaviors, communicate who they are and what they need more clearly and generally become more effective with colleagues and clients.”

“Ace Coaching Alliances,” TD January 2002


“Effective coaching works with executives and others to develop their proficiency in working with change.  It helps them identify when teamwork is important and to use their skills to foster it.  Coaching builds skills and capacities for effective working relationships.”

“The Business Case for Coaching,” nSights PDR Newsletter, May 2002


The reasons for choosing coaching go beyond correcting problems to challenging and developing executive-level skills that impact the entire organization.”

“The Case for Executive Coaching,” Lore Research Report ©2002







Making the most of your resources includes maximizing your time and efforts. We strongly recommend that you select a coach whose experience and training are a strong match for you and your company’s needs. 



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