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Bringing out the best in our clients is the goal of Motivation Coaching, Inc.  By answering the question "What Motivates You?" clients chart their course to success.

This common theme exists among all those who work to make improvements in their productivity and the communication in their environment.  Although the basis of motivation differs, identification of the motivating factors enables success.  With effective coaching, goals are set based upon personal motivation to optimize achievement.

Effectiveness may be measured in many ways.  In coaching, effectiveness is defined by the client, with the coach regularly monitoring progress of those expectations to make sure that goals and needs are being met.  Clients make their own decisions through the discovery process, accepting responsibility for success of their own outcomes. 

The belief that every person is capable of accomplishing their goals is augmented by a coaching partnership to maximize personal effectiveness. Active participation is the key to unlocking potential for success and growth.

We are committed to bringing you the most current information and strategies coaching can offer by staying active in the coaching community and seeking continued education and learning.





“I made the most of my ability and I did my best with my title.

—Joe Louis


“I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.”

—Duke Ellington

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